GRAFFITIED MEMORYSCAPES: An exhibiton on the interrelations between landscapes, memory and graffiti in the post-Yugoslav space

The exhibition is based on photos taken over the past decade by four researchers working in the former Yugoslavia: Roswitha Kersten-Pejanić, Vjeran Pavlaković, Eric Ušić, and Kevin Kenjar. Each researcher has analyzed the political sentiments, ascriptions, and statements that are manifested and realized in the form of graffiti and other linguistic and semiotic signs located in the physical landscape. These images of the visual memoryscape from different parts of Croatia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia explicitly depict political conflicts and ideological premises, historical ruptures, and multiple layers of the past, as well as discourses of Othering and relations of in-group vs. out-group identification. Although the authors have approached these visual semiotics from various disciplines, they all share a common fascination with the graffitied memoryscape in this region of contested narratives and complex histories.


The Europe We Want. The Europe We Need 2020


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The event will be held in German and English with simultaneous translation: Programme (ENG)

Young People, Migration and the Demographic Challenge in the Western Balkans

The Southeast Europe Association and the Aspen Institute Germany are delighted to invite you to a joint international conference with the German Federal Foreign Office entitled “Young People, Migration and the Demographic Challenge in the Western Balkans”. The three-day online event will take place on 28 – 30 October 2020 and is part of the official programme of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This conference aims to shed light on the phenomenon of emigration from the Western Balkans and the challenges as well as chances resulting from it. The goal is to offer more insights into why people decide to leave and the effects of the exodus on their home countries, as well as to develop recommendations for policy responses.